Week 1 Innovation Project

During our first week we discussed a great deal about innovation in the past and present and discovered many things we take for granted now that were very innovative upon their creation. We also spent time thinking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of... Read more

So, the date for The Innovation Project had finally arrived, April 16th.  The student's tutor Rosa and I hadn't told the children anything about the project so when we revealed to them that we would be participating in an international project for the next 4 weeks, they were so excited! 

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Week 1.School of Solone №1.What is innovation.

During week 1 we discussed which innovations are making cities more sustainable, ending poverty, etc and SDG .The students discussed the question "What is innovation ?" , shared their opinions then they thought how cat they... Read more

Thursday, April 19th.

Upon watching the World Economic Video outline with the 4th Industrial Revolution will be, a term cropped up that we had seen in a video only a few days before. The 2016 Rio Paralympics saw this inspiring... Read more

The students of Genius International Public School, Ropnagar, Punjab have been explained about sustainablity development.

Students were explained about what is innovation?, The different and new innovations being made in the world which may either make our living easier.

They were... Read more

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

As my students were asked individually to ponder about innovation, many looked worried, confused, and well, frustrated.  They knew in general what innovation was but struggled to articulate its meaning on paper. I intentionally asked them to work alone... Read more



     So far, we have gathered all kinds of comments and incipient reflections from the Students about Innovation. They took it in a very wide sense, maybe because  this adventure coincided with the preparation for our annual festivities and its solidarity goal, by... Read more

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Today, we got stuck in to this week's topic: What is innovation? We all agreed that the potential of this week's assignment is enormous, as innovation means so many different things and there are a lot of good examples of innovation in our local community.  We... Read more

Not knowing what to expect today,  the Week 1 topic sparked an excellent conversation in my classroom!  Off to a great start. 

I was a late applicant so felt a little uncomfortable.  Fortunately, I have a great friend who came in and helped us.

*Using something new and different to help others 

We defined Innovation and identified some innovations such as smart phones and cars!


WE talked... Read more


 I decided to start this project with students who are 10 - 12 years old. So, that means that my group is mixed in every way, age, interests and abilities, which is exellent for this kind of job. 

The second thing, I invited students who are interested in project work. Volonteers... Read more

The first week's topic is "What is Innovation".

What is innovation? Can you define innovation?

The Students formed groups of four and started thinking about possible asnwers for the questions. Each group created a Google Doc where they shared their ideas. We made then a Sutori... Read more