Thursday, April 19th.

Upon watching the World Economic Video outline with the 4th Industrial Revolution will be, a term cropped up that we had seen in a video only a few days before. The 2016 Rio Paralympics saw this inspiring video created to get people excited to watch: We're the Superhumans - Yes I can.  As a class, we discussed the difference between the term superhuman as outlined in both videos and as it is connected to innovation.  To keep it simple, students noted their fear as to not being able to distinguish what is natural and what is 'created' in terms of the mind/body as is somewhat outlined in the 4th Industrial Revolution and the idea of superhuman. They discussed what innovations could do to help individuals in need but one went as far to state 'will this become an Alice' situation (the movie with Scarlett Johansson).  When asked for my response to this idea of tech rich minds that could ultimately, be only for the rich, my response was reverting us back to the We're the Superhumans' and how people thought about innovation connected to artificial limbs and what not. Students said that was WAY different and it just meant having a better life, a life that was easier or more convenient.  Students were all left to think about the idea of superhams as being those with upgraded brains/minds etc. or those in the 2016 paralympic video or both?  No time like the present to introduce philosophy to students. We did not have time to finish the discussion due to time but students were left wondering and pondering about the process of innovation and how society at times may fear it at first due to the change that comes with it but often, come to realize, maybe it's not all horrible. 

Check out our 'Innovation Map' to see where their minds went in terms of innovation that makes the world a better place. A quick end of day feel good coallorative activity.  Nothing over the top but a few things that made us all go, woohoo! 

Bell HS