So far, we have gathered all kinds of comments and incipient reflections from the Students about Innovation. They took it in a very wide sense, maybe because  this adventure coincided with the preparation for our annual festivities and its solidarity goal, by means of interviews and written  comments about the human values at stake, the role played by Beauty in the renewal of our globalized society and the sense of Belonging that builds a strong Community. Thus, our kids have stressed the innovative character of different attitudes towards others, towards nature and towards the transformation of the world.

We are not allowed to post photos of our students before 10th grade, unless exceptional moments but only in our school site -  http://cad.edu.pt - so I will ask some help from my colleague, teacher of Arts, to take some pictures related with their work and their writings, without showing their faces.

I wish an adventurous experience to the Participants from the whole world in this beautiful Project.


     We have been alerted that with the application of the new data protection law, in Europe, from the 25th of May, our Students photos on our School site, Fb page and Youtube will be protected. So, today, my Colleague, Teacher of Arts, could take some stylesed photos, showing just our Students hands holding the symbols of the SGDs, but no while they were working for real on them. 


     Although my Students continue to add their comments and reflections on our pbwiki page,  today we had to make a halt to prepare and post our Sway. Thanks to my colleague,  teacher of Arts, we made some great photos preparing for week 2, as  our students chose  already their Global Goal. We also went together to  two of her classes just  to present the SDGs, mainly through short videos and comments,  and to give away the bracelets of the SDGs.

Later, today, two tenth grade Students offer themselves to continue this quest, distributing the bracelets and talking to the younger kids so that they may feel envolved in this global Adventure and may recognize how deeply they belong to it.

Colégio Amor de Deus