So, the date for The Innovation Project had finally arrived, April 16th.  The student's tutor Rosa and I hadn't told the children anything about the project so when we revealed to them that we would be participating in an international project for the next 4 weeks, they were so excited! 

On Monday, we introduced the topic to them by showing a funny short video, which got them laughing and thinking.  Then, we asked them what they thought an innovator/innovative person is like and what qualities they have. Their responses were just great!  We had decided to use a visual sign for this week's video so they worked in groups to decorate the sign.  As they are a first of primary class, working in groups isn't a huge part of their school routine, so they were really enthusiastic about it.  

On Wednesday, the main focus of the class was recording our little video, while first teaching them their very important chant "We are innovators!"  After recording, which they loved, we asked them about what inventions they would like to see in the future.  Not surprisingly, they wanted to see flying cars and a flying caravan with a swimming pool, which I thought was a nice touch.

Next week, we will be honing in on our chosen SDG and combining that with what we are already learning as part of their natural sciences class.  

We're all really looking forward to it! Until next week ¡hasta luego!

C.C. Santa María Micaela, Ceuta, Spain