Week 1 Innovation Project

During our first week we discussed a great deal about innovation in the past and present and discovered many things we take for granted now that were very innovative upon their creation. We also spent time thinking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of innovation. Consider groundbreaking inventions like defibralators and life support systems used in hospitals, then consider the development of the nuclear bomb. All of these were innovations, so with innovation comes with responsibilty. Frankenstein , our current novel study, relays a scenario where innovation is misused - reminding us that we need to spend time considering the ramifications and the impacts of our creations and how they will effect the world. We even talked about whether Victor Frankenstein's creature would be considered AI. What do you think? We looked at a number of present-day innovations and discussed how they could be seen as both good and bad. For example, we read about chat bots being used to support patients with mental health issues - How Mental Health Chatbots Are Helping Users Help Themselves - but then also considered how it could lead to dependence, less human contact, and privacy issues. Innovation is an exciting topic, but it is one that must be weighed from many angles to ensure it does no harm and truly benefits people and the world.

Dunnville Secondary School