In this week the students created a tutorial how they use their favorites tools and created instruction to use the water recycler. The water Recycler is supported by the Guatemalan inventor and he is in touch with the students trying to adapt all the ideas can be functionals and can save water... Read more

As students began to finalize their ideas, many realized that innovation does not need to come strictly from a technology stand point. An idea is an idea and if that idea can help the world, then why not introduce it to the world.  Students plugged through their ideas, researched what was... Read more

Guiding students and teachers, making alliances to carry out the second week and publicize our innovative project "The Water Recycler" Week quite active with the participation of students developing awareness and putting their skills in practice to solve real problems.


  • Our team brainstormed about different innovations to help the society. We prepared a chart in which we wrote about various ideas to inovate a product.


  • More discussions were conducted  by our team to understand what... Read more

Each group presented current innovations in China that they researched, the OFO Bike, WeChat pay and solar expressway. The students discussed the uses, benefits and drawbacks of these innovations. There were valuable discussions and feedback pertaining to the pros and cons of these innovations,... Read more

So our time on this project is often tight simply due to the structure of our day. This has not though, prevented students from dreaming, researching, learning, leading, collaborating, and so on and so forth about what they cna do to make the world better according the SDGs. They are realizing... Read more

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So for the past week and a half, my students have been in the brainstorm phase. Allowing them to work totally on their own, free of strict guidlines has been a challenge. It is not how we are used to working and so they have needed extra time and a little more motivation... Read more

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I am a theatre and English teacher in South Los Angeles, CA.  


My 10th grade English students will be joining in on the Innovation Project. These are the same kiddos who complete the Climate Action Project. Several of my kids struggle with academic... Read more

  For more than 2 years now I'm trying to create a positive learning environment in my classroom.  I learnt a lot and earned many certificates through attending many courses online or face to face, but as I beleive that applying what I'm learning is the most important thing. So I... Read more

The pupils collected and shared ideas abot innovations which are making the world more innovative. We examined different fields of human activties and discovered that a lot of innovations can improve our life. Social media, personal computers, drones ,jet engines,cloud computing, electric cars,... Read more

I presented the Innovation Project to my Grade 7 students and the objectives of this activity. I made a ppt presentation to introduce the topic. The class were divided to three groups. First task was to come up with a concept map with words they can relate with the term innovation.  They, then,... Read more

Hello my name is Lucrecia Higueros, last year I participated in the Climate Action project and my colleagues liked everything I did. This year I decided to involve more than 50 teachers in this project because I know that it is necessary for all of us to join. First I gathered them all and I... Read more

Students are developing empathy ( the first step in design thinking) and they are learning more about how plastic is impacting our world above and below the ocean.  Students read an article called , Taking Out Trash By the Ton that is published on line by Text Project ( FYI for kids) Now they... Read more

W1: What is innovation according to my students (brain-storm/class discussion).                         

  1. What is innovation
  • General definition:
    • Process of implementing new ideas to create value for an organization. The... Read more

I introduced the topic to my students by starting a brainstorming activities in which they mentioned words they related to innovation. Later I presented the seventeen UNESCO sustainable development goals and they had to mention ideas they related to each of the goals in connection with... Read more


Innovation is not about idea its about idea to be happen. Innovation comes only when an idea lead by a leader with good team work towards a dedicated plan.A student of the 21st century is a student who is curious, creative, imaginative, innovative and seeks to give vent to his... Read more

The preparation for the class was easy and I found materials very easily. I had the book at home and found pages from a blog that I really like and appreciate.

At the beginning of the lesson, the children presented impressive knowledge about innovation, our needs and familiarity with many... Read more

My students in HS EAL are a bright and creative group of young adults who work diligently every day to expand their minds in academic subjects, the arts, community service and in sports WHILE working to build their academic English.  They bring with them a wide variety of cultural backgrounds... Read more

21 Apr. 2018,


We all put our minds together this week in such a innovative way, working through boundries, challenges and limitations, to create an amazing presentation on such a widely discussed topic.

The subject of inovation has made us all open our minds to the many... Read more