The students of Genius International Public School, Ropnagar, Punjab have been explained about sustainablity development.

Students were explained about what is innovation?, The different and new innovations being made in the world which may either make our living easier.

They were asked to imagine themselves in 2030 with a completely different world where they may find new innovations and on the very same, students come up with their views of the world surrounding them in future.

Students were asked on to share their ideas on sustainability development. They come up with new ideas like moving five motors using a single motor battery, generating the electricity with the same single battery. They also come up with the idea of making a washing machine using battery,motor, tin can of soft drinks, and cardbord.

Students shared their ideas of reusing of plastic bottles which may be used to plant small saplings or plants in ur garden, or to make any household article from plastic bottles. Students also have prepared a bangle box out of a plastic bottle and decorated their own way. They showed with the idea of using plastic bottles as a footwear, of which they come up with a sample of their idea, they joined the pieces of plastic bottle and covered them with a beautifull cloth and further decorated it in their own way.

Through this project, students are getting to learn not only of sustainable development but also different ways to recycle our waste.

Genius International School