Como a Tecnologia Pode Influciar na Educação

Passamos por um processo historico de evolução, esta nitido que o ser humano desenvolveu a capacidade e  a habilidade de criar as ferramentas para facilitar seu dia-a-dia. com isso como podemos utilizar essas ferramentas no processo de Ensino,... Read more

I am a teacher of a second language in saudi arabia . As you know that innovation in my school is important so i try to do all my best to creat and innovate others . I use the internet in finding away to teach others so l never stop learning 

During week 2 the students worked on their idea of innovation . After analysing the SDGs, they chose to focus on SDG # 7 Affordable and Clean Energy. They thought of creating a bike which can create energy while riding it. The energy produced can then be used to charge their mobile phones.

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 This project really has driven us outside our comfort zone but we kept in mind this project is all about making learning deep, authentic and fun. The most difficlt task was to invent something never used before.We decided not to make something unreal but create a useful thing for our school and... Read more


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We have a Skype Session with the Springdales School(New Delhi). The questions for discussion were about ecological problems (SDGs 6,11,12,13,15). We discovered that there are the same... Read more

Innovation is a change that unlocks new value.  Jammie Notter. In light of the above statement, Innovation truly is an activity one undertakes every day to improve one’s lifestyle, learning and outlook. Innovation could be a water bottle cleaner that opens from below and the cleaning process is... Read more

This was not an easy task for students. Invent something?  Innovate?  That's for creative people Mme!  Reminding students that innovation comes from any where through anything was a focus throughout week 2/3.  Our time was short, so no prototypes were created.  Instead, students were encouraged... Read more

While working on our projects, we have all been avoiding this creeping feeling. The feeling of being part of something much bigger than just one school, one country or even one continent. The feeling of unity and connection, which is ever-growing as our school plans to connect with foreign... Read more

Sustainable consumption is the use of products and services that have a minimal impact on the environment so future generations can meet their needs. Learn about the benefits and the complexities that are associated with sustainable consumption

WHAT IS... Read more

In week#2 we explored how innovation could be used to offer solutions to issues in our city, Bangalore.

  • The biggest concerns we face in our cities today are for potable water, waste disposal & traffic. So we focussed on SDG#11-Sustainable Cities and Communities & SDG#12-... Read more

Innovation Project

Selected Student Reflections for weeks 1 and 2




Week 1 Questions

  1. What does Innovation mean to you?  Innovation means to make the world a... Read more

One question - Would you work when on vacations? Probably not...  

What if you were a child of around 12? Definitely not. 

But my students from Team Innovation are, even in their summer vacations. What makes it even more interesting is that I might not even have them in my class... Read more

My students and I will be creating and designing websites for The innovation Project 


Soon I will share students websites having following structure :  

  1. Create a page called menu.html. Use tables to structure this page as follows:        (3) 

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6. Faucet Buddy Tells You About Water

Faucet Buddy is a cool little chrome gadget you latch onto you existing sink fixtures. It tells you how hot or cold the water is so those morning surprises are no more. Of course, just like any real buddy it’ll tell you if you’re a water rat; wasting... Read more

We can't imagine our life without ICT tools. We use different platforms ror collaboration such as Google classroom in the program Know My Worlg (crosscultural digital exchange),ETwinning (digital collaboration between schools of Europe),SOS4LOVE project ,Innovation Project etc.WhatsApp, Viber,FB... Read more

9 Students decided to take again part in one of the wonderful projects of Koen. We have been meeting for 2 times by now, and my students wanted to concentrate on SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities. During their discussions they created a city with all the necessary institutions. Ok, and where are the... Read more

Our innovation.

We have an idea to make the way to school safe .It was sth new for our school and we have never had it before.Alex Fokin with his students created the navigator .They took the map from Google maps and marked the roots from different places of the willage to school.The... Read more

During Week 2, students held both small-group and whole class discussions in which they examined which of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be given top priority.  Their synthesis of ideas included discussing the most pressing problems facing China within the context of our global... Read more