We can't imagine our life without ICT tools. We use different platforms ror collaboration such as Google classroom in the program Know My Worlg (crosscultural digital exchange),ETwinning (digital collaboration between schools of Europe),SOS4LOVE project ,Innovation Project etc.WhatsApp, Viber,FB are the social media we use to be in contact with teachers, parents and children.Our classrooms are equipped with interactive boards, projectors, led pannels and computers they are used for presenting new information, training and doing tests.The children can also use their smartphones to get information or to do the tasks in Google classroom.We use Sway and PowerPoint for making presentations, Skype and GoogleHangouts for videsessions, Onedrive to organize the information we use everyday or to run projects. We also have our You Tube channel where we download films created by students.Our school also has it's own site . Minecraft is the favourite thing for our pupils.

Solone community