In week#2 we explored how innovation could be used to offer solutions to issues in our city, Bangalore.

  • The biggest concerns we face in our cities today are for potable water, waste disposal & traffic. So we focussed on SDG#11-Sustainable Cities and Communities & SDG#12-Responsible Consumption and Production.
  • The team was divided into half. Team#1 carefully observed our classroom& identified problems which we could handle ourselves within our resources.
  • We identified 2 problem areas - the daily newspapers which always ended up in the dustbin mixed with wet waste, making it impossible to recycle. We also noticed a huge stack of cardboard boxes that ended in the bin on a weekly basis. This was not only restricted to our classroom, but to all the 13 sections in class6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.
  • We brainstormed on possible reasons for why the students were not recycling the daily papers & realized that most were just too lazy as it was a boring activity.
  • So the solution had to fun, sustainable & cheap. Thus was born Project Monstagram. We salvaged huge cardboard boxes from trash & upcycled them into monster recycling bins. After all who wouldn't want to feed a newspaper hungry monster. We went from class to class advertising the hungry monster & the need to feed it neatly folded newspapers daily. The response was overwhelming to say the least for within the first two days of the project, we were able to redirect 113 kg of newspapers from the bin to the recycling unit.
  • If you want something simple & scalable, collaborate with us on our Project Monstagram. Share pictures of your recycle monster.

Team#2 brainstormed on possible innovations to address SDG#10,  SDG#11 &  SDG#12. They came up with:

  • SEWGA - An automated Waste Segregation Solution
  • ECO Buildings, generating Oxygen & cooling the urban jungle of Bangalore
  • Automated ramps for public places & public/private transport system to make the city not only sustainable but also accessible for all.
  • Sensor based walking stick for the visually challenged to allow them independence & dignity.