Week 2- SDG #6

Students created videos to about the importance of the goal and a way they hope to help. 

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Using knowledge of electricity to create new solutions

Students went through a "KWL" type process and shared the knowledge that they had already gained in their Electricity unit about how we can rethink the use of renewable/non-renewable energy sources.

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What is Innovation

Students brainstormed and discussed the greatest innovations of all time and created a Top 10 

Innovation Project Week 2

After learning about Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace & Justice, a Law class in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada dives into seven sub-targets and shares their findings.

Week 2/3

This was not an easy task for students.

Yes I Can - innovation for a better world

Students explored innovation through the lense of the Yes I can video.  One group of students opted to sketch their ideas of innovation and although, as outlined in the video description, the lighting is not the greatest, the idea is there.  Incredibly proud of these girls that created. 

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Global Goal 14: Creative Way to clean our water ways

I am so proud of the students that created this video.

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