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Yes I Can - innovation for a better world

Students explored innovation through the lense of the Yes I can video.  One group of students opted to sketch their ideas of innovation and although, as outlined in the video description, the lighting is not the greatest, the idea is there.  Incredibly proud of these girls that created. 

Global Goal 14: Creative Way to clean our water ways

I am so proud of the students that created this video. They are two amazing grade 8s that opt to highlight their work through their images/writing.  They had such fun creating this project and showcase that with a bit of collaboration and understanding of the global goals, anything is possible.  Though they have not created a prototype, their idea will hopefully come to life some day. 


Week 1: Pondering about Innovation - not easy according to students in terms of being innovative themselves.
Week 1: Collaborative research to celebrate some innovation around the world & to spark the minds a bit.
Week 1: Yes I Can - sketchnote of ideas from the "Yes I Can 2016 Paralympic" video. Innovation is everywhere. Fun to reflect upon it.
Week 2: Working & dreaming together to bring ideas to life.

Allison Fuisz

Mme Fuisz

Recently, a term once shed upon me in a somewhat negative tone, was rephrased in the most amazing light.  With that in mind,  I am proud to be a dillusional optimist and someone who believes that no matter your age, no matter your location, no matter your favourite food, or education level, you CAN make a difference in our world. As a #TeachSDGs ambassador, I am thrilled to help open doors for students to learn form and with other students from all over the world. I'm happy to be an educator here in Ottawa with wonderful grade 7/8 students who open their minds to learning at both a local and global level. Sure, I have some education behind me to get to where I am today but every day of learning draws me to be reminded that no matter our formal learning, we must never forget about the immediate learning presented to us on a daily basis.  

I'll leave you with these words from one of my favourites artists. "It's easy to be miserable. Being happy is tougher - and cooler." Thom Yorke


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