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Week On What is Innovation? Where are we? What SDG are we concerned about?

Mr. Otto's and my class came together to create this video with the help of our district technology specialist. Enjoy!


Mr. Otto's class is concered about clean water and my class is concerned about zero hunger.    My class thought hydroponics was a great way to get countries to learn to grow, but they need clean water, so that's why our classes collaborated. 


We worked all week.  My class did the poster and Mr. Otto's class worked in a program called Buncee, which you'll see individual slided. 

Week 2 Innovation Project- Hydroponics

Week 2 #ColliGang Prototype proposals

We had three proposals made into prototypes!  Some are a little off, but it was completely student driven.  We have two more on FlipGrid.



Here's a link to the FlipGrid presentation my two other groups did.


This week we hope to merge it all together. 


Week 3 Innovation Project- prototypes


I'm so proud of my students.  I have truly NOT been confident since this project began on day 1 that I have been guiding them in the proper direction.   Yet, they surely rose to the occasion.  I think their ideas are phenomenal and oh so innocent.  I hope you enjoy!


Mrs. Colligan's 5th Grade Class #ColliGang & Mr. Otto's 3rd Grade Class
Mrs. Colligan's 5th Grade Class #ColliGang
Week 2 Innovation Project- Hydroponics

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