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My Students follow the leagcy of their seniors who have featured at national as well as i ternational map for their innovations and  investigations. Sustainable development has been at the core of the eddeavours we undertake .  In the month of  April  we selected a dedicated group  of 50 studenst who are being guided and trained by experts in the field of science and robotics fortnighly.  Yet another group of pro innovators are working in Atal Tinkering Lab twice a week to give shape to their projects without compromising with classroom studies. Students are working on projects like rescuecopter- A drone to trace people trapped in disaters, A Smart house- House where smart voice controlled gadgets friendly for blind and lame people are installed, Lime basec air purifier and lot more.

Process and Proceeds

Students attending sessions and innovating. Following projects have been picked up by my students 

Soma Singh


A passionate science teacher at heart, a technology enthusiast and a person striving to make a positive impact on the global community. A science writer, a poet and an environment worker by skills. I am responsible for Science innovation, British Council Projects and Microsoft Technology implementation at Delhi Public School Ghaziabad.

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Ms. Payal Gupta

School: Delhi Public School Ghaziabad

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