Our Projects

Goals: reflection and thought

We have looked thoroughly through the different goals and the ones that are most appealing to us are:

  • Life under water
  • Gender equality

Group A: We as students ae aware of the fact the water is our most precious possession, but unfortunately we don't take care enough of this very fragile resource. We have polluted the ocean, destroyed the barrier reef en fish are dying because they get too much plastic in their bodies. It's also very frustrating knowing that the oxygen in the seas and oceans are at their lowest level ever. This also speeds up global warming, changes temperatures in those seas and oceans, thus causing floods, hurricanes and other natural distasters.

Group B: We think fighting for gender equality will improve and impact life the most. Closing the salary-gap is just one aspect, but getting girls all over the world an education is and should be a priority. It's proven that education improves lives for everyone and it has far more positive consequences in the long run. It also improves their health, lower risks of child marriages and the maternal mortality ratio. We'd like to look into these effects before we come up with an innovation.

Note of the teacher: The student had only one class this week, due to the many holidays this period. They didn't get to 'invent something yet, but they're thinking about it.

Touria Gandoul

I've started working on this project for Englsih class. It's a great opportunity for students to communicate anduse their already acquired knowledge to expand their linguistic horizon and go off the beaten path.

Hello, my name is Touria and I actually like to challenge myself and my students through new experiences. I'm also one of the first CLIL pioneers to teach history in English. I like learning from them just as much as I like teaching them __

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School: KA1

I'm doing this project with 2 classes; each class was divided into 2 groups.