Our Projects

Week 1 - How do we see our homes in 2030

We discussed the term "innovation" and we referred back the work we covered on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in March. There were lots of great discussions and drawings that covered the topic.  As the teacher in charge, I had some technical issues - managed to lose a wonderful audio clip by one of our grade 3 students. I struggled without Office Mix and got frustrated so the resulting "film" (which has some faulty voice recording in it) forms part of our Sway which is linked below! 

Looking into problems and solutions!

Students and their teachers worked on how to solve some of the world's problems relating to Sustainable Development Goals 6, 11, 14 and 15. Lots of great ideas - hard to know whwre to go next!

Week three work across 4 SDGs

This work is still being edited - with apologies!

Some ideas for new machines to help the world

Focusing on Life Below Water,  Sustainable Cities and Communities, Life on Land,  and Clean Water and Sanitation, we came up with lots of designs for new machines to solve problems our world currently faces.

We created images of our ideas, and then voted on the solution we thought best.

Grades 2, 3 and 4 at our school participated in the project. We learned about the Sustainable Development Goals and designed machines of various types to solve the world's problems. In week 4 all students voted on all the innovations. Our Youtube clip below features our choice. The majority of our ideas were based on life under water.  Thank you to all participants for teaching us so much about our world and other classrooms. Thanks to Koen Timmers for such a wonderful concept.


Week 1 - working!

Margaret Simkin

South West Victoria

Teacher-librarian managing Information Services across a two campus Early Learning (3 years olds) to Year 12 (18 year olds) Independent Co-Educational School in a regional city. I teach collaborative skills lessons to our Year 2, 3,and 4 classes. My Initial teacher training was in Geography and History, and I teach one class of History Revolutions (France and Russia) to senior students. In 2015 I completed a second Master of Education degree in Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation, an online course through Charles Sturt University in Australia. I am passionate about teaching our young people about our world and its people, and involving them in global activities to broaden their horizons.

My co-teachers on this project are Stephen Mirtschin (Year 4) Bernadette Milich (Year 3) and Simone Brabham (Year 2) supported by the Head of Junior School, Mr Stephen Nelson.

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Stephen Mirtschin, Bernadette Milich and Simone Brabham

School: The Hamilton And Alexandra College