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Students Share Ideas on Innovation

Students created whiteboard posters and presented their ideas on innovation. 

Nancy Hoehn


Nancy Hoehn is a Kaiserslautern High School science teacher who empowers students to develop their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills and knowledge. Nancy’s teaching mission is to equip students with the STEM skills needed to solve world problems. Nancy has taught Environmental Science, Earth and Space Science, and Project Research through labs, activities and PBLs. She developed the Science Buddies program in 2013 to ignite a sense of curiosity and responsibility for students to share what they are learning with younger students by hosting an annual event featuring interactive demos. She is also developing the Raiders Recycle! program to recycle paper, plastic and aluminum, starting in August 2018. She has mentored students as they design, conduct, analyze, and communicate their original research for STEM competitions and share their STEM skills and knowledge through an interactive expo for K-12th grade students and their families. She is collaborating with colleagues to implement the AP Seminar course in August 2018, which will enable students to practice and grow their research, communication, collaboration, and problem solving skills while developing sustainable solutions for world problems. She is inspired by making a difference for learners of all ages! Nancy is a Texas State physical science certified educator, a National Geographic certified educator, and a 2018 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Planet Steward. She holds a BS in Food Science from Purdue University and a MA in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. In her free time, Nancy enjoys biking, camping and cooking.

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School: Kaiserslautern High School