Our Projects

Week 1- Introducing Innovation to our students

On Monday April 16th, we explained to our 1st of primary students what The Innovation Project is. They were very excited to participate and gave some really good answers to the question "What is innovation?" 

We've created a video to show you our activities for the week :) 



Semana Dos....week 2!

We introduced the concept of climate change to our young learners who were excited to be a part of the Climate Action Movement, we had fun while learning and making a commitment to climate action

Jane Jackson

My co-teacher Rosa and I

Irishwoman working as an English language assistant in a primary school in Ceuta, Spain. Always trying to be a positive influence on the students I come into contact with.

María Rosa Guerrero Márquez

School: C.C. Santa María Micaela, Ceuta, Spain