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Some Views on Innovation

As a Tutor, working with one to three Students at a time, at a  Writing Workshop, from 5th to 9th grade, we have just started by being  introduced  to this Project and collecting  Students own views about Innovation in a special page of  our pbwiki:


We have been also sharing what we know about the SDGs and how we lived our Solidarity Festival in our Writing Workshop Blog: http://cadescrita.edublogs.org

We will be posting   some reflections  about our work on our English blog  "Escrita Livre": http://stora.edublogs.org 

and we  will  be sharing it with our colleague, Teacher  of Arts, Paula Xavier.




Ines Pinto

woman, dark hair, glasses

After being a Teacher for about 28 years, I underwent 3 knee surgeries and had to become a Tutor and Responsible for a Writing Workshop. I receive 53 students from 5th to 9th grade, per week, in small groups, from 1 to 3. Can communicate in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Paula Xavier

School: Colégio Amor de Deus

Students gather for the opening of the school year