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Avoid Bad Traffic & Sound Pollution.

SDG-11 Sustainable cities and communities. In our country its a common scenario everywhere, A sound pollution is a bad practice for recondition vehicles. bad constructions road, regular use of horn and so on.Students can be innovate how to reduce,recover the conditions and good practice near the locality after that all over the country.By brain storming sessions they find it and make sollution. What change of Bangladesh the students want to see in 2030.

Find out the reasons of Traffics

By brainstorming and help of internet the students find out the main reasons of Bangladesh traffic congestion as well as solution.They write about the topic and thinks a lot about bad condition and why accident occurred frequently in their country.Government need to strict step about unskilled driver,repair road,manage good traffic rules,have to use to zebra crossing, foot over bridge.use to cycling and motor bike,discourage vendors on foot path shop.should build widen and two lines road and so on.By Skype sessions share with other countries finding more.


Avoid Bad Traffic & Sound Pollution.

Raihana Haque

Bhairob, Kishoreganj, Dhaka

This is Raihana Haque head teacher of Banshgari one government primary schools in Bangladesh. My passion is love connect with children and teach to innovative way. Technology and project based teaching take to me in class.Love to travel with my students around the world but try to cross with curriculum.So connect with Bangladesh teachers govt portal,Muktopath and Microsoft educator community,British councils online school,National Geography educator community ,etwinning and many more.Two times me selected as a best teacher, that is why i have visited Japan,Thailand by the government in our country. Now i am ICT- 4 ambassador of our country, best content developer ,MIE expert, British councils coordinator. As a MIE i have participated E2 conference in Singapore, there i am a winner of lesson plan(algorithmic thinking) competition.I teach English,ICT and Science. I know Braille for visual impaired student,as a music teacher i well known to all. I am a teacher of trainer.

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Farzana Akhter

School: Banshgari 1 government primary school