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What is Innovation?

There are many innovations that have improved our world. But, what is innovation? First Year students (13 years old) explore what innovation means for them. 

Innovations and SDGs - Making Our World A Better Place

During this week, students selected one of the 17 SDGs and generating ideas based on the SDGs selected. They created 3 innovative ideas based on Goal Number 13 Climate Action, Goal Number 2 Good Health and Wellbeing and Number 9 Innovation and Infrastructure. 


Everything ready to collaborate in the Innovation Project
Students brainstorming in Sacred Heart School Tullamore
Let's research some ideas about innovation!
Creating our presentations about innovation! :-)

Gloria Enrique


My name is Gloria Enrique and I am a Secondary school teacher in Ireland. I am originally from Spain. I came to Ireland as a participant of the Erasmus student exchange programme. Since then I discovered my passion for teaching and learning and the importance of collaboration and sharing. I am always looking for innovative ways and technologies to bring the curriculum to life and instil the same passion that I have for learning to students.

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School: Sacred Heart School Tullamore