Our Projects

Week 1 - What is innovation? C'est quoi l'innovation?

Our exploration is underway! We investigated what innovation means, examples of innovation in Canada, advantages and disadvantages, and areas where innovation is still underway and needed. HereĀ is a preview of our work.

Week 2 - Innovating solutions / Innover des solutions

Each student has chosen an SDG to focus on and is brainstorming, researching and video blogging about innovations they have discovered. Here is a peek at some of our work!

Week 3 - Our Innovations / Nos Innovations

Each student chose an SDG that they were passionate about. After brainstorming with like-minded peers, they set out to innovate solutions to the problems that exist. Here are their designs!


Week 1 - What is innovation?
Week 1 - What is innovation? C'est quoi l'innovation?

Christine Russell


Continuous learner, technology enthusiast, and inquiry advocate. I work at an inner city middle school where caring for students and motivating them to learn and be curious, comes before curriculum.

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