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Valerie Anglemyer (a Language Arts teacher) and Steve Bowser (a Social Studies teacher sbowser@wanee.org) teach 7th grade Humanities, a combination of Language Arts and Social Studies at Northwood Middle School in Wakarusa, Indiana. Valerie loves global learning and is an MIEExpert, Surface Expert, Skype Master Teacher, and a recipient of Indiana's Excellence in Education Award. Steve, a basketball coach and accomplished martial artist, is passionate about food, culture and developing into a better, more informed global citizen. Valerie and Steve use their mutual passion for developing global citizenship to develop understanding, empathy, and action in their students. They have participated in many global projects, collaborations, and service learning projects, and continue to feature the United Nations' global goals as a key component of their classroom in an effort to inspire further understanding and action in their students as they work to become better global citizens.

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School: NorthWood Middle School