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Eng 12 SDG Clean Water and Sanitation

Here we have Si Blu Soe, Ikran, Hay Lah, Tin Khin, and Ahmed Hamza showing us how to filter water with resources in our own backyard. They did an awesome job of collaborating and the video shows that. 

Read for a brilliant future.

Kwe, Tiwonge,Hser Hae, Toe Kyin, and Anisa.

Amy Hewett-Olatunde


Dr. Amy Hewett-Olatunde has been an English language (EL) teacher for the St. Paul Public Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota at LEAP High School since 1999. LEAP High School caters to immigrant and refugee students and takes a very unique approach to what language teaching looks like. Rather than the traditional grade levels, there are WIDA/English levels, and beyond that, there are three English levels within WIDA levels 1-4. She primarily teaches levels 1-4 academic and creative writing. She also coaches the drama club at school. She is also the 2015-16 MN Teacher of the Year.

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School: LEAP High School