For more than 2 years now I'm trying to create a positive learning environment in my classroom.  I learnt a lot and earned many certificates through attending many courses online or face to face, but as I beleive that applying what I'm learning is the most important thing. So I began to follow many tips, as working in collaborative groups or using Skype in classroom to improve skills of communication and help my students be global citizens. Involving in social problems and let them think and create solutions can be applied make them positive citizens and let them have the opportunity to solve a real problem!!

          Participating in Global projects as Human Differences, Climate Action and Innovation project give the students oppertunities to go through all the previous tips while collaboration with their colleagues around the world expand their knowledge and allow them to exchange ideas , experiences and culture as well. They will learn that we live in one world that has many problems need to be solved and to find solutions we must think in an innovative way OR as my students said we must "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX".

Soheir Zaki

Victory College