This project has been undertaken with Grade 2, 3 and 4 and their wonderful teachers in 4 weeks of  1 x 50-minute lesson per class per week.  The process was interrupted by school holidays, teacher and student absences and school events such as the equine event and various athletic carnivals. Some students went to music lessons every week in the short time we had together, and sometimes we had issues achieving the goals we had set for each week. Was it worthwhile? Definitely! The class teachers and I learned heaps about ourselves, our students and the issues facing the planet. My thanks go out to them for the work they did between visits and their support in trying out new things. Mr Stephen Mirtschin,  Grade 4, Mrs Bernadette Milich, Grade 3, Mrs Peta Alexander and Miss Simone Brabham Grade 2, you are all amazing people. Grade 2, 3 and 4 have been fantastic collaborators and have really enjoyed the process of sharing with each other, and touching base with the learning taking place in other classrooms around the world. Mr Timmers is our teacher too and this is our message for him.