Think & Create;

Imagine & Innovate...

"The Innovation Project"

515 Schools    85 Countries    6 Continents

It all started......

55 Head Teachers met at hotel Radisson on 27/02/2018 to plan the Inter-School Activity Calendar 2018-19. "The Innovation Project" was talked about.

During Head Teacher'sMeet on 27th Feb 2018 in Jalandhar India, Shared my experience of #ClimateActionP & @zelfstudie New Innovation Project.Happy 2 share Neighbourhood Schools R joining us in the Innovation Project.Leave No One Behind #RiseUp4SDG @nitzluck

— SDG's : The Rising (@RiseUp4SDGs) March 6, 2018

112 students of Grade- IX along with 6 Educators participated in The Innovation Project. 

Week 1

What is Innovation ?

- We explored ! We deliberated ! We Brainstormed ! 

To trigger this thought and to find answers we watched number of videos.

Elon Musk Plans to Create a Self-Sustaining City on Mars I Fortune

This innovative coding school in France has no teachers

The Boring Company's elevator

Just 60 robots run this Alibaba warehouse in China

We now fastened the Innovation belts. All ready to Think and Create ! My students were excited, my Educators were excited. There was so much of learning even for the mentor.

Our week one report is :



Week 2

We deliberated upon United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Would our Innovations make cities sustainable ?

Would our Innovations lead to finding a solution to No Hunger ?

Would our Innovations lead to find ways to protect our planet ?

Thoughts.... So many thoughts in our minds.

An Opportunity knocked the door !

We visited Science Expo at Lovely Professional University, India. After the visit, the mood was set. My students started thinking, deliberating and tinkering on ideas, they were exposed to in the University & the videos they watched initially. My students were now a serious lot.

Day 1: 15th April, 2018 when we first met, they were restless and distracted.

Day 10 : 25th April, 2018 after the visit, they were focused, ready to Innovate.

Now the prototypes were in the making.



Week 3

Preparing Prototypes was the priority No.-1. This was followed by preparing the tutorials, explaining how they prepared them. We went ahead and put up The Innovation Project during The Learning Market Place.

We were in News.... 

Print and Electronic Media covered the Innovation Project.

The local TV channel crew interviewed the students.

"The Innovation Project" covered by The Hindustan Times Newspaper in India! Students from485 Schools from 88 countries are participating! @zelfstudie @woodstocksj @TeachSDGs @Angelssoriano74 @MicrosoftEDU @supritichauhan @rajni_jauhari @sunita_rajiv @Chetna1806 @charuchhabra2

— ParamjeetKaurDhillon (@pkdhillon08) May 5, 2018

We even Skyped with Mr. Ben Spieldenner (Global Minecraft Mentor and Expert from USA)

"The world should be updated."

"The Innovation Project in Kamla Nehru Public School, India is on the move."

The result......

We tweeted a lot. 

Come One! Come All ! Join 250 Schools in 80 Countries in "The Innovation Project" Together we change Learning in our Classrooms Ss 2 learn Global Issues and real life problems @zelfstudie @gur_o3 @aparnasharma68 @jyoti1013 @jyotichaba @nitzluck @nishajassal7

— SDG's : The Rising (@RiseUp4SDGs) March 13, 2018


Kamla Nehru Public School,India is joining @zelfstudie in "The Innovation Project" Join 250 Schools in 80 Countries & learn global issues and real life problems @supritichauhan @sunita_rajiv @rajni_jauhari @fatela1971 @MeenakshiUberoi @shallugupta15

— SDG's : The Rising (@RiseUp4SDGs) March 13, 2018


Innovations at Kamla Nehru Public School, India

THE INNOVATION PROJECT . The School Principal Ms.P.K.Dhillon is the only Global Ambassador from India for THE INNOVATION PROJECT . This project is organized by KOEN TIMMERS, MIEExpert spanning across 6 continents from 488 schools across 85 countries will focus on sustainability.


Week 4

The most exciting Week had begun. It was Skype time now. It was Group Skype. It was Virtual Tour. It was sharing experiences.

Virtual Tour 

Date : 9 May, 2018

Time : 10:00 AM IST

Partner : Ms. Haya Jahanzeb (Pakistan)

Ms. Penchan Kongpet (Warinchamrap School ,Thailand)

Ms. Reetu Pandey ( Seth Anandram Jaipuriya School, Lucknow, India)

Ms. Jyoti Chaba (Delhi, India)

Ms. Monica Joshi (Sat Paul Mittal School , Ludhiana, India)


Date : 11 May, 2018 

Time : 12:20 PM IST

Partner : Ms. Gordana Novak (Croatia)


Date : 14 May, 2018  

Time : 11:00 AM IST

Partner : Ms. Puneet Chandna (Pathfinder Global School, India)


Expert Webinar : Portuguese game developer and CEO of ClasSplash Joao Ramalheiro

Date : 16 May, 2018

Time : 7:30 PM IST


Expert Webinar : Richard Hyman, former diver in the crew of the famous captain Cousteau

Date : 16 May, 2018

Time : 06:30 PM IST


Expert Webinar : Canadian journalist Lisa Hrabluk

Date : 17 May, 2018

Time : 6:30 PM IST


This Journey of Innovation was all about Creativity...

This Journey of Innovation, was all about Critical Thinking...

This Journey of Innovation, was well Traversed...

Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara, India part of #NeverAgain

Looking forward to take up another such journey in future. We go all out to thank Koen Timmers for this wonderful journey. A journey which we would hold always close to our heart.


  Rising Up For SDGs !!!

- Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon