Our Projects

Brainstorming innovation

During first week we did lot of thining

what is innovation, 

what are good and bad innovations, 

what's the future classroom like and

what we people should do that the world is better place.


Collaborating and brainstorming

This week we concentrated in few topics of SDG. Students let them imagination to fly and wrote down all kind of ideas how the world could be better.

Finnish Innovations

This video consists of my students innovations of different sustainable developments.

Piia Martikainen


I'm class teacher (current 5th grade) and subject teacher in Biology/Geography. I love nature and what it offers to us. We have to protect it!

This project will help my students to understand how importat it is to change the way we think. We all have to change our living habits to make sure there's world for next generations

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School: Torkinmaki school