Our Projects

Week 1.School of Solone №1.What is innovation.

During week 1 we discussed which innovations are making cities more sustainable, ending poverty, etc and SDG . In the process of collaboration  our pupils realised the importance of mobilizing efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Which innovations are making the world more innovative?

The pupils collected and shared ideas abot innovations which are making the world more innovative. We examined different fields of human activties and discovered that a lot of innovations can improve our life. Social media, personal computers, drones ,jet engines,cloud computing, electric cars, Internet, robots are some of them.And we made a decision to introduce our own innovation into our school life to make one more step to quality education.We took SDG4(Quality education) and will try to do sth at our local level.We have an idea to make the way to school safe .It was sth new for our school and we have never had it before.Alex Fokin with his students created the navigator .They took the map from Google maps and marked the roots from different places of the village to school.The pupils can download them to their smartphones and see where to go and how much time they will spend for it.It is a good idea for junior pupils and their parents because they learn how to get to school safely and do that as quickly as possible.Here are the examples of maps with roots to school.We also put reflectors to pupils bags in order to be seen by drivers.We realised a very important step from SDG4 (Quality Education) at our local level.

Week3. School of Solone №1.How we are using ICT tools in an innovative way.

We can't imagine our life without ICT tools. We use different platforms ror collaboration such as Google classroom in the program Know My Worlg (crosscultural digital exchange),ETwinning (digital collaboration between schools of Europe),SOS4LOVE project ,Innovation Project etc.WhatsApp, Viber,FB are the social media we use to be in contact with teachers, parents and children.Our classrooms are equipped with interactive boards, projectors, led pannels and computers they are used for presenting new information, training and doing tests.The children can also use their smartphones to get information or to do the tasks in Google classroom.We use Sway and PowerPoint for making presentations, Skype and GoogleHangouts for videsessions, Onedrive to organize the information we use everyday or to run projects. We also have our You Tube channel where we download films created by students.

Week3. School of Solone №1.How we are using ICT tools in an innovative way.

Week4. School of Solone №1.Skype Session.

We have a Skype Session with the Springdales School(New Delhi). The questions for discussion were about ecological problems (SDGs 6,12,15). We discovered that there are the same ecological problems in both countries and we try to solve them at our local levels. Children from both countries understand that our environment is in danger and make efforts to save it for the future generation.


Week 1.School of Solone №1 Ukraine.What is innovation.
Week 2.School of Solone №1.Our innovation.
School of Solone №1.Week 4.

Inna / Inna Remez / Pushko

Solone community

We are Inna Remez, Inna Pushko and Alex Fokin  from Ukraine. 

Inna Remez- teacher of English, 

Inna Pushko- Biology teacher, 

Alex Fokin- IT teacher. 

We work in team and try to implement the educational trends  at our school. 

We are interested in innovations and global collaboration.We are happy to take part in this project because it  gives the opportunity to learn how teachers and students all over the world use technologies in the process of learning and how they work with SDG to reach them at the local level. 

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Inna Pushko, Alex Fokin

School: School of Solone №1