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What is Innovation?

What is Innovation - A Flipgrid Response

I asked my students to answer the question via Flipgrid - to initiate responses from others around the world!  Here is an example of one of my students' responses!

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Here is another student's response to What is Innovation?

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Students work together to create a poster answering the question of "What is Innovation?" + After asking students as a group, I asked each one to answer what does innovation mean to them.  Here is an example of one of my students responses. 

Working on innovations to help with SDG Goals

This one goes with SDG #14

Flipgrid Tutorial

Students give a tutorial introduction to how to use Flipgrid

Donna Guerin


I have been a teacher for 18 years in Colorado and New York. I love innovation and have really enjoyed exposing my students this year globally. We are currently working on SDG Goals love design thinking projects

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School: Mammoth Heights Elementary