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Innovation In Schools

Have Embarked on the project to Involve school students into the Sustainable Development Goals.  This is aimed at making them understand the need to implement these goals. This later Unlocks their Innovativeness in their minds. I am Glad i am helping to build a better world.

Old book collection

Old Book Colection

Here we had to come up with a process which we were to use to collect the books, Sort them and latrer recycle them. Step one meant we had to address the school assembly. This was the final assembly for the term. so the school agreed we collect the books at the begin of the Term. 

Sensitization of the students.

We decide to go ahead and address the school assembly. Here we appealed to the students to voluntarily donate their old books to the school. School shall recycle them and we get paper. which paper we shall use to sit for Exams next term.

we are trying to educate the students that we can use all that we feel we dont need to get what we feel is important to us. So far our project is almost finished. Thats the concept we want to send to all the schools in the region and later the Country.


Presentation Process
Week 2 Discussions

Daniel Batuwa


Founder Awesome Earth Uganda. I set out to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. I am devoted to the cause of equality for us all. To value life and not money. Educating people to appreciate and work towards living in a society Without money but life and love. I am aiming at achieving a Habitable Environment with all services free of charge.

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School: Jinja Senior Secondary School