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I am a theatre and English teacher in South Los Angeles, CA.  


My 10th grade English students will be joining in on the Innovation Project. These are the same kiddos who complete the Climate Action Project. Several of my kids struggle with academic language and literacy. Their participation on the last project was a great experience for several of them helping to improve motivation and self-regulation. I imagine the same will be said for this project when it is all said and done.  


We have broken into teams. Each team is responsible for a single Sustainable Development Goal. And that is about all I have told them. Their project here will culminate with (1) a Youtube video/tutorial and an (2) one-pager/instruction manual or infographic on their project. I have taken Koen's advice; I am taking a step back and letting my kids explore, devise, and create. This is a challenge since I am used to providing detailed scaffolds for them as their reading levels are below grade level.  


Excited! Looking forward to seeing what kids produce.  


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