Week 1

Technically, we were on spring break week #1, so students jumped on the topic before we headed out! I introduced it as a Flipgrid topic because we had spent time doing SDG work to do with specific countries and it was an easy connection.

Collaboration is Key

We have two classes in the same school working on this project. Both classes did independent research and then collaborated together to work on our first week's video. You will see third and Fifth graders talking and presenting what they found out about innovation.

Week 1 - What is Innovation

Students at Lake Shore High School in New York take a deeper look at innovation.

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Mrs. Delaney and Mr. Dunlea's 2nd grade class Week 1

We explored the Sustainable Development Goals and learned what each meant. 

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Week 1 Innovation Project Week 1

Week 1 : What is innovation? 

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Week 1- Innovation

Our students shared their understanding of innovation through sketch-noting, and we documented their progress through time lapse videos.

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What is Climate Change?

Students spent a week exploring what climate change is. They watched videos, search for detailed informations about causes, effects, and possible solutions. At the end each would express what, how, who, why this is happening.

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What is innovation? How to reduce plastic consumption starting locally?

My fourth and fifth grade students will collaborate and innovate solutions to reduce the use of plastic in our communities and schools.  We will work on an action project address SDG Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and communities.