Propaganda Posters

During this week student put on their thinking caps applying what they learned about climate change action in order to create a poster propaganda using a chosen application where they conceptualized an idiom about nature.



Students, as part of their process, created one-page flyers or information sheets assoiated with their projects/ideas/SDG's. 

Week 3 Innovation Project- prototypes


I'm so proud of my students.  I have truly NOT been confident since this project began on day 1 that I have been guiding them in the proper direction.   Yet, they surely rose to the occasion.  I think their ideas are phenomenal and oh so innocent.  I hope you enjoy!

Video on YouTube: 

Read for a brilliant future.

Kwe, Tiwonge,Hser Hae, Toe Kyin, and Anisa.

Eng 12 SDG Clean Water and Sanitation

Here we have Si Blu Soe, Ikran, Hay Lah, Tin Khin, and Ahmed Hamza showing us how to filter water with resources in our own backyard. They did an awesome job of collaborating and the video shows that. 

Innovations list

My Students did research and made a top 5 list for clean water innovations out in the world!


Innovation Tech Tools

My Students used Screen-CastOmatic to share which tools they liked using the most during this project. They include Buncee, Kiddle, and Youtube.