Our Skype Connections

We connected with Kristine Halloway's classes in Canada to share Innovation Projects. We learned so much from her students who displayed a tremendous amount of creativity and innovation with their prototypes and ideas. Here are some of the highlights of the connection!

Video on YouTube: 

Invention video:how to remove trash in the ocean

Students in my fourth grade ELL class designed machines that will remove the trash and recycle it from the ocean. Sound quality on first presenter is poor, then it gets better. 

Flipgrid Tutorial

Students give a tutorial introduction to how to use Flipgrid

Video on YouTube: 

Working on innovations to help with SDG Goals

This one goes with SDG #14

Presentation file: 

Skype in the Classroom Inspire Us

During this second week, students participated in different Skype sessions with guess speakers who talked with them about taking care of our environment.