Students learn about plastic in the enviroment

Students are developing empathy ( the first step in design thinking) and they are learning more about how plastic is impacting our world above and below the ocean.

What is Innovation?

The students of Timmins High and Vocational School in Timmins, Ontario, Canada have collaborated to produce a short video in which they discuss innovation, with specific reference to history, health, technology, and literature.  Our core text is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which led into some in

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Week On What is Innovation? Where are we? What SDG are we concerned about?

Mr. Otto's and my class came together to create this video with the help of our district technology specialist. Enjoy!


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Innovation - The Aquaponics Project - Week 1

As part of the Innovation Project, 5th grade students at the Wallenpaupack South Elementary will be using recycled materials to grow fresh food with fish. Here is an introduction to the project. 

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Week 1 - What is innovation? C'est quoi l'innovation?

Our exploration is underway! We investigated what innovation means, examples of innovation in Canada, advantages and disadvantages, and areas where innovation is still underway and needed. Here is a preview of our work.

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