Bioluminescent Plants- Free/Sustainable/Secure/Inclusive Light Source!

A kiddo who is out with severe migraine headaches asked me to turn this in for him to be considered for the jury.  His mom thinks he spent too much time working in the dark last week and weekend trying to create his bioluminescent plant prototypes for the Innovation Project.  HAHAHA.  

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Our Innovations!

Students were given the opportunity to work together or individually to create a new innovation.  We first had a discussion about the SDGs and the goals the UN has set for 2030.  Students then chose an SDG to focus on and developed a new innovation to change the world.  

Innovation Ideas

For our first brainstorm about innovation students were allowed to pick an innovation of their choice.  They then explored the history/development of this innovation, the pros and cons, unexpected impacts and where they see the innovation going in the future.  

Week 2 - We focus on SDG

For the second week of the SDGInnovationProject students in middle school Model UN explored the SDG's of 1, 2, 4, 6, 14 and explored some other recent innovations made by young people which have impacted the world and took a swipe at the SDG's.  In the very short time that we meet each week, atte

Sustainable School Sources by the Students of English 4U @ Timmins High & Vocational School


Here is our Sustainability video in which we explain our idea for how to have students help students towards no poverty, SDG #1. 

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Week 2 #ColliGang Prototype proposals

We had three proposals made into prototypes!  Some are a little off, but it was completely student driven.  We have two more on FlipGrid.

Week 2 Innovation Invention Sketches and Details

This is our week 2 drawings of our SDG inventions as part of the Innovation Project. I have a group of grade 4/5 students (10-11 year olds) in Blackstock, Ontario, Canada.

Prototype to follow in week 3

Video on YouTube: 

Week 2: Innovation beyond technology

As students began to finalize their ideas, many realized that innovation does not need to come strictly from a technology stand point.