Innovation Tech Tools

My Students used Screen-CastOmatic to share which tools they liked using the most during this project. They include Buncee, Kiddle, and Youtube.

Selected Student Reflections

Innovation Project

Selected Student Reflections for weeks 1 and 2




Week 1 Questions

Using Little Bits to Innovate

Our class loves using Little Bits to create and innovate for the Global Goals 

Video on YouTube: 

The importance to save water

This water recycler support goal 6 and confirm that the good alliances are good like the Goal 17 said, just for can´t have a better world without water.

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Tutorial made by the students

In This week the students created a tutorial about how they use their favorite tool and they will explain how to use the Water Recycler, supporting Goal 6 and giving a clear example about the goal 17  

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How can innovation help the world?

Students brainstormed real-world issues and then came up with creative ways these could be solved.  From anti-bullying to safe housing to climate change.  Their ideas could change the world!

Week 1 Innovation Project

Students were asked to answer the question "What is innovation?" Some students philosophized, some looked for examples, and others built innovations.