Students Share Ideas on Innovation

Students created whiteboard posters and presented their ideas on innovation. 

Middle School Model UN Week 1

As part of their participation in Koen Timmers Innovation Project the Model UN team begins the project by discussing the concept of Innovation before moving into where we see it in Chicago and where it is most needed in society.  Our group meets once a week for 45 minutes.

Innovation Exploration

Students were given the task of exploring an innovation or invention of their choice.  During their research they were to discover information about the history/development of the innovation/invention, some benefits of it, unexpected side effects and where they predicted the innovation would go i

Week 1

Technically, we were on spring break week #1, so students jumped on the topic before we headed out! I introduced it as a Flipgrid topic because we had spent time doing SDG work to do with specific countries and it was an easy connection.

What is Innovation anyway?

Students describe what innovation is to them. IPHONEs, GPS, remote starting cars, self checkouts...what is next? Is the rate of innovation slowing down? Do we need a new innovative word to describe "Innovation"?

Collaboration is Key

We have two classes in the same school working on this project. Both classes did independent research and then collaborated together to work on our first week's video. You will see third and Fifth graders talking and presenting what they found out about innovation.